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school in the city. i give it six pawns up, i don't know chess. so rooks? i'm an idiot. let's start tonight with the election. you know the election that just ended and the one you don't ever really want to hear about again, that one. presidential elections are never just about voting on who gets to run naked through the white house in the middle of the night. i'm looking at you, eisenhower. (laughter) somebody's been working out. it's also about ballot referendums, referenda-- ballo ballots-- if you are talking about ballot initiatives you have to talk california. a state that loves referendums even more than it does putting avocados on on things that it doesn't belong on. what is wrong with you people, that is a cheese steak, why would you mut avocado on a cheese stake. what did they vote, a tax exempt stat to us weirdoes on the bourd walk with snakes on a shoulder, cupcakes must have at least 3% kale. >> dmal call voters agreed to pay more in sales tax and more in income tax for high earners to help close what governor jerry brown calls a $34 billion state budget cap. >> oh. cali
takes us through the new law and what this means. >> jon, i'm here in the mile high city, capital of what just became the mile high state. whatever that means. all this pot jargon is foreign to me. pass the dutchie on the left-hand side? i mean why don't they pass it on the right hand side. i don't know. i've never smoked pot. 4r56 (laughter) >> jon: settle down with the word play and tell us about the referendum. >> fine, we'll do it your way. as of tuesday in colorado you can now carry without penalty up to an ounce of recreational marijuana. however much that is. i don't know. is that a lot? i don't smoke pot or have a basic understanding of second grade level weights and measures. (laughter) >> jon: i can tell you how much an ounce is, it is enough to send you a jail for up to five years in florida. >> sounds like florida could use a reefer ren dumb of their own. since they can't vote with a felony conviction on the record. whatever that means. munchies, cotton mouth. >> jon: it's not funny, anchors are making a joke about pot, it's kind of cute how they used to smoke pot but
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)